Making an Understated Personal Style Statement

I would describe my relationship with fashion as more of a spectatorship, really.

My attention is more in the subtle details, with an appreciation for quality and general wearability. My closet is pretty much filled with neutral pieces that all resemble each other. I also consider myself an active lounger. AKA you can find me running all of my errands in workout clothes. So my fashion input comes with a grain of salt.

Even though I don’t like to make a bold statement with my outward appearance, I still have something very specific to say. For me, neutrals set a foundation that allow a space for expressing understated complexity. Through vivid conversations, colorful perspectives, and vibrant observations, I like to see things a little differently than intended.

I’m an Extroverted Intuitive with equal qualities of both introversion and extroversion (also known as an “outgoing introvert”). Every opportunity for abstract creativity is a mechanism to express my mood and illustrate individualism. I’m always striving to uncover unconventional ways to characterize my definition of authentic living. You can see this reflected in my outfits only if you know what to look for.

It’s kind of like this. You could say I’m a social extrovert on weekend nights and an outgoing introvert during the week, but a homebody above all. I like harmony and deep reflections. I feel my best when I’m at home writing, researching, and listening to acoustic indie music while curled up with a blanket. So when I’m out of the house, it’s usually on a temporary, short-term basis. I tend to keep outings to a minimum because I need extensive time alone for reflecting on my experiences to make sense of the world.

It’s the subtle features that I find the most interesting, the less obvious traits that make someone truly unique.

When I’m around people, I’m fully present. I’m looking to make lasting connections and have meaningful conversations. I notice every detail, but specifically the ones that might not catch your attention at first glance. The little things that you don’t see as significant are what truly captivate the essence of someone. It’s usually in gestures, like the way one might pause to think before answering a question or humming to yourself while you read a menu. I see the things that you don’t think anyone sees, and I appreciate them wholeheartedly.

When I’m getting dressed, I actually strive to blend in.

However, it takes a conscious effort to choose pieces that reflect a minimalist lifestyle. You see, the introvert in me is selective when it comes to volunteering information about myself. Frankly, I’m hard to get to know because my focus is on the other person. My emotions are felt with an unusual intensity and easier to explain through abstract concepts and symbols. This makes it difficult to find the right words to connect with new people. I have a loathing for small talk and little motivation for surface level exchanges.

My fashion choices are reflective of my desire to remain guarded before I feel comfortable enough to share the inner layers of my personality.

While personal style can constantly evolve, change, and adapt, mine is rooted in embracing my emotions on an intimate level. I dress according to how I feel in the moment. I love pairing unexpected designs together and blending masculine and feminine elements. Like a delicate satin camisole under a moto jacket, combat boots with a linen dress, pencil skirts and sneakers, or a velvet blazer with cut-off shorts.

When I’m feeling more contemplative or navigating darker emotions, I lean towards dark shades, leather, and oversized jackets. I don’t discriminate between my emotions, so my style embodies my highs and lows, expressed through lights and darks.

In order to feel comfortable in my own skin, I identify with neutrals, grays, and solids. For me, this kind of blank canvas helps me choose when to stand out and where to be expressive.

Once you know where to look, the smallest details will become worthy of your attention. Brought forth by a simple perspective shift, you’ll see how a golden tan accentuates light grays, how collarbones compliment a button down, and a thin gold chain opens up a lace neckline.

To stay true to my own personal style, I ask myself three simple questions before making a purchase or getting ready in the morning.

1. What does this say about me?

2. How am I going to feel wearing this?

3. Does this represent who I want to be?

So next time you’re getting dressed, if any of your answers influence your style choices, then you might go about your day with more intention, live each moment a little more deeply, and gain an appreciation for your own personal style characteristics. Because sometimes an understated personal style can make much more of a statement than you’d think.

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