The Cool Girl Playlist You Need This Winter

There is some music that just doesn’t belong on the radio. It’s unlike the popular songs that we’re used to hearing, and it has its own sound. The kind that makes you think. And it makes you feel, deeply. It’s refreshing in ways that will enhance your overall outlook every time you listen to it. There is a cool girl playlist that you need this winter.

Cool girl music finds you at the perfect time. Whether you’re at a local show, an indie weekend festival, or discovering new music on Spotify, these unique voices and authentic sounds will make you slow down to enjoy the moment. You might start to look forward to your morning commute with music that makes you want to stay in the car. Then next thing you know, cooking dinner will become dancing in the kitchen and getting ready will mean singing in the mirror.

When you make time to bring feel good music into your life, you may feel inspired to live with a little more intention. Good news, I’ve gone down the cool girl rabbit hole of music for you. You’ll find the cool girl playlist that you need this winter right here.

(Source: Erin Wasson x My Modern Home Decor)

(Source: Erin Wasson x My Modern Home Decor)

And there's billionaires for president
And parking fines at hospitals

1. “Already Home” - Alex The Astronaut

2. “Gold” - Kuinka

3. “Ohio” - Caamp

(Source: The Mop Top)

(Source: The Mop Top)

If she loves you, you let her go
And if you love her, you know she'll move slow

4. “Wild Child” - The Ghost of Paul Revere

5. “Waiting Room” Sjowgren

6. “Curious Hands” - Kuinka

(Source: Career Girl Daily)

(Source: Career Girl Daily)

I’ve got a bad case of bad habits 
Burning like a box of matches 
Hole in my pocket 
Can’t lose it if you never had it 

7. “Shivers” - Family and Friends

8. “Distant Lands” - Kuinka

9. “It’s Getting Late” - Honeysuckle

(Source: Sasha Burns x This is Glamorous)

(Source: Sasha Burns x This is Glamorous)

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