The Biggest Decorating Tip is Actually the Smallest


You are about to find out that the biggest decorating tip is, in fact, very small. If you’ve been following along with my journey of building a simple home and uncovering some minimalist decorating tips, then you may have noticed that I use one of the smallest things everywhere.

And that, my friends, are coasters.

While decorating a small space, I’ve found that coasters will make the biggest difference in adding small pieces of character to your home. You can use them in every corner of your home from your nightstand, breakfast table, kitchen counter, and even the bathroom. Yes, they are everywhere in my studio and for a very specific reason.


Coasters elevate the surface, which is a key component of intentional decorating. They make the difference between just putting something somewhere and placing it with mindful intention.

In my studio, I love to use pieces that bring some added dimension. My countertop is often displaying my dishes, glasses and utensils openly. But if everything were to just lay flat on the surface, it would look, well - bland.


In the same way that you can use coffee table books, macrame placemats, and wooden cutting boards to lift the surface, coasters add another layer of depth. You can place them under candles, utensil holders, glasses, diffusers, etc. I love how they break up the space in ways that create balance. You can mix and match coasters for even more dimension.

When adding coasters to your collection of home decor, try something that fits with your style but also has a component of originality.

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Get the look:

Round Coaster Set | Natural

Noah Marion Quality Goods

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