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7 Ways to Shop Local for Home Decor

There is something so memorable about walking into a thoughtfully decorated local shop in your neighborhood. It’s almost like walking into someone’s dream, and if you share that same dream… You are in heaven. Shopping local celebrates community. Finding unique items and connecting with local artists and shop owners adds value into our lives. Here are 7 ways to shop local for home decor.

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5 Songs You Need for a Cool Girl Playlist

Recently, I was working on a project for a small local business. While putting together some ideas on brand identity, I asked the question, “What is the theme song of your business?” It’s not something that’s usually asked, so it took a few minutes to answer. This got me thinking on how to take this reflection one step further. What would you choose as the theme song for your own life?

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I Said Goodbye to Compulsive Consumerism

It’s not everyday that my mom gets me a present out of the blue. Of course, there are birthdays and holidays, but other than that, we try not to buy a lot of unnecessary things. Especially in the last year, I started looking at things differently. And I literally mean things. This simple shift in perspective has led me to say goodbye to compulsive consumerism.

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