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5 Ways to Decorate with Eucalyptus this Fall

One of my favorite ways to decorate during the winter months is by using fresh greenery in my home. Being greeted by fresh eucalyptus when you walk in the door can instantly put you in a good mood. Eucalyptus has a calming effect that smells exceptionally soothing. A minimalist home incorporates elements from the earth, so using fresh eucalyptus will brighten up your space and make you feel connected with nature. Here are 5 ways to decorate with eucalyptus for a minimalist-inspired home.

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Daydreams: The Perfect Fall Gathering

Even though I’ve really been wanting to have a fall dinner party this season, I’m not sure if it’s happening before Halloween. I couldn’t even handle the season change with temperatures dropping about 5 degrees in LA. Now I’m at home sick, recovering from a cold that has knocked me off my feet. Meanwhile, still dreaming of the perfect fall gathering with lots of eucalyptus garlands, white pumpkins, mulled wine, and a festive cheese board.

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