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The Top 10 Halloween Trends From the 90's

We all know how it begins. ‘I was working in the lab late one night….’ And we did the mash. We did the Monster Mash with our entire elementary school. Any 90’s kid will tell you about the best day of the year when we got to wear our costumes to school and walk in the annual Halloween parade. These 90’s Halloween trends will take you right back into trick-or-treating in your Spice Girls costume, praying for full sized candy bars from your neighbor with the biggest house.

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Halloween 1992: Capturing The Moment

Lately, I’ve been feeling under stimulated by social media. Especially when I go on Instagram, I no longer feel the magic behind photo sharing. Everything has started to look the same, and I’m seeing how quickly trends evolve, reach their capacity, then burn out.

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