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Get the Look: Simple Living Kitchen

I started my blog shortly after moving into my studio apartment in June 2018. My best friend came over after I moved in, and of course, we ate pizza on my bed, listening to music and flipping through coffee table books (because that’s what you do). But while I was telling her all of my ideas for articles, she said, “Well, why don’t you just show people where you got all your cute stuff for your apartment?” So 6 months later… here are my long overdue favorite home decor pieces for a simple living kitchen.

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Start a Purposeful To-Do List

There are so many things I’ve been wanting to do lately. Then I think about how this year is already coming to an end and my long list of inspiration is just sitting there, patiently waiting for some attention. So what’s stopping us from doing more of the things we love? You might uncover some new mindful practices by starting a purposeful to-do list.

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