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Finally, it feels like fall has arrived overnight! The sun is going down earlier, and nights are still warm enough in Santa Monica to entertain outside. There is nothing like a cozy dinner party with close friends, candlelight, and earthy tones to really celebrate community. With Thanksgiving approaching, you can put together some simple fall tablescapes to host a festive gathering by using things you already own.

When setting up a simple fall tablescape, I’m inspired by warm tones and simplistic details to create a peaceful atmosphere around the space. There’s something about white pumpkins and dried eucalyptus leaves that feel connected to the earth. I designed each tablescape around earthy elements that are perfect for a Thanksgiving table.

Having my friends over for dinner is one of my favorite ways to enjoy my home with the people I love. Creating a cozy atmosphere around the table really makes my guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Whether you’re hosting your family for Thanksgiving or having a festive dinner party with friends, a thoughtful presentation is the first step to a memorable gathering.


White pumpkins and dried eucalyptus leaves are the perfect compliment for a neutral fall tablescape. I like the minimalist feeling of this peaceful place setting with linen napkins and macrame placemats.


I was so excited to finally see pomegranates in my local grocery store. I put a couple of them on a fall-inspired cheeseboard and used the rest as centerpieces.


I didn’t buy anything new for my latest backyard dinner party. When your home is filled with neutral, purposeful pieces, they pair together perfectly. There are so many combinations to uncover by mixing and matching your own things.


Each tablescape uses my candlesticks, macrame placements, and linen napkins. By the end of the night, the table was covered in candle wax - which is oddly satisfying to peel off. (And not weird)


I love to decorate with seasonal fruits and vegetables for fall, but it’s important that they have also have a purpose. Pomegranates are perfect for garnishing cocktails and adding to a festive cheeseboard. This brings an earthy element to a festive Thanksgiving table.


Having a festive Thanksgiving feast can start with some thoughtful, minimalist details at each place setting. While we’re pouring wine and getting lost in conversation, there is nothing better than enjoying good company with great friends on a fall night.

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Linen Napkins | blue stripe

The Beach People linen is made from the finest flax plants, grown in France. Linen evokes an understated and honest luxury that will add an effortless elegance to your home.

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