My 5 Favorite Home Decor Shops


I think we’ve all been there. Moving into a new apartment and having a clean slate to create a beautiful space. Sometimes we might not know where to find special pieces for our homes to truly make them feel unique. In my 5 favorite home decor shops, you will uncover a deeper connection to your space when you shop locally.

You might be feeling the same shift that I’ve experienced in my mid-20’s (27 is still considered mid, right!?). I want to build an inspired space that feels original, where I am surrounded by beautiful, handmade pieces that bring more authenticity into my life. Through exploring local home decor shops, you can connect with the origin, uncover the history of each piece, and feel inspired by talented creators who curate such authentic spaces.

In my 5 favorite home decor shops, you’ll find inspiration to build a thoughtful, handmade home that adds value to your life.

Faithful Roots, Santa Monica, CA

Faithful Roots, Santa Monica, CA

1. Faithful Roots

Faithful Roots is filled with custom furniture and vintage pieces that will make you feel more alive as soon as you walk in the door. Ultimate cool girl owner, Britta, has curated this space to feel like you’re ready to move right in. She offers custom pieces, like the vintage mud cloth headboard that she personally designed for my studio. Right in Santa Monica, Faithful Roots is the place for eclectic, one-of-a-kind designs for creating a thoughtful, inspired home.

Simple Tip: In Faithful Roots, I look for handmade pottery, local candles, vintage vases, mud cloth pillows, and I find inspiration to layer textures to create dimension. I love the open shelving displays, so I take away tips to decorate my own home this way.

Cisco Home, Santa Monica, CA

Cisco Home, Santa Monica, CA

2. Cisco Home

You can get completely lost in Cisco Home in Santa Monica and love every minute of it! This aesthetic, handcrafted local home decor store is family-owned and filled with inspiration in every corner. Their reclaimed wooden shelves are full of handmade pillows that blend textures and accents to add character into any space. You can see exactly how each piece of furniture is thoughtfully made here.

Simple Tip: In Cisco Home’s 2-story showroom, I walk around the whole place first to get a feeling for the space. Then I go back to look at the things I like in detail. I especially gravitate towards their large throw pillows - it’s amazing how the size actually makes my small place look bigger!

Tumbleweed & Dandelion, Venice, CA

Tumbleweed & Dandelion, Venice, CA

3. Tumbleweed & Dandelion

Head to Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice to uncover a slice of the French countryside. Tumbleweed & Dandelion is heavenly for finding handmade woven baskets, linen towels and throws, hand-poured candles and wooden cutting boards. You’ll want to put everything straight into your own kitchen. You can find out more about how the owner turned her own 1960’s house into this whimsical home decor store here.

By filling your home with handmade, quality items that truly tell a story, you’ll start to value what you already have without always feeling like you need more. That’s true simplicity.

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

4. The Hängar LA

In the neighborhood of Mar Vista, The Hängar LA offers something for every space. From reclaimed wood, metal, stone, fabric or leather, this local home decor shop is filled with unique pieces at affordable prices. Walking through this inspired space, you’ll fall in love with woven chairs, porcelain pottery, and local art with character.


“At its heart, the modern rustic look celebrates the fabric of a home. Wood, stone, and steel take centerstage. Forget sleek lines and immaculate finishes, this style revels in earthy colors and rich textures - this is rough luxe.”

- Joanna Simmons, “Modern Rustic”

Agoura Antique Market, Agoura, CA

Agoura Antique Market, Agoura, CA

5. The Agoura Antique Market

In this hidden gem in Agoura, you’ll find a vintage market place that is truly worth spending the whole afternoon. The Agoura Antique Market has some of the most thoughtful blends of vintage pieces and casual home furnishings that I’ve ever seen. You’ll feel like you’re in a French farmhouse when you see their vintage cutting boards, marble slabs, porcelain pitchers, and handmade dish sets.

(This post is part of the Friday Favorites series where 5 favorite things, people or places are shared to enrich your life and inspire your week.)

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Store Locations:

Faithful Roots, 2640 Lincoln Blvd #1b, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Cisco Home, 1443 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tumbleweed & Dandelion, 1502 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

The Hängar LA, 3472 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

The Agoura Antique Market, 28879 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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