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Well, it’s no secret that I hardly ever leave my neighborhood of Santa Monica, but you really can’t blame me! Being lucky enough to live walking distance from my 5 favorite brunch spots is something for which I truly feel gratitude. There’s nothing like having your go-to favorite places to create a sense of community in your own neighborhood.

Getting to have brunch with close friends, share great food, and find a slower pace on the weekends is a ritual that adds value to our lives. I try to make it a priority to gather with my friends at least once a week. Each time that we go to one of our favorite brunch spots, we try to order something new on the menu.

Santa Monica is known for supporting local businesses that are passionate about bringing fresh, local quality to the table. The aesthetic atmosphere is all part of the full experience. Even if brunch isn’t a regular thing for you, it’s perfectly fine to keep these on your list for a special occasion too. I hope you love my 5 favorite brunch spots just as much as I do.

Little Prince LA, Santa Monica, CA

Little Prince LA, Santa Monica, CA

1. Little Prince LA

Every time I walk into Little Prince, I just want to live there. But I’ve also had to walk right out after learning the hard way that you definitely need a reservation on weekends! This place is a full experience of the senses. Once you try their food, you’ll already be planning your next trip back. Their menu is unique, local, and eclectic which compliments the earthy elements of their beachy, Australian-inspired decor. They have communal seating down the middle of the restaurant, 2 counters lining the bar and wood-fire oven, and small tables throughout.

Simple Tips: I love their market fruit plate with coconut yogurt and honey, and their off-the-menu sticky bun (top right). I’ve literally had dreams about it!

Manchego, Santa Monica, CA

Manchego, Santa Monica, CA


2. Manchego

A Spanish tapas and wine bar. My favorite place for the best shared plates, mimosas and sangria. They have bottomless brunches on weekends, and it’s the kind of place where where you’ll want to stay awhile. The restaurant is small with an intimate feel and thoughtfully decorated with charming Spanish accents. I like to split the Brussels sprouts, bacon wrapped dates, and deviled eggs with a glass of red sangria.

Simple Tips: Ask for wine tastings, and you’ll get to try their recommendations for boutique Spanish wines.

Èlephante, Santa Monica, CA

Èlephante, Santa Monica, CA

3. Élephante

This place has become a well-known part of the “LA Scene,” so it’s good for birthdays and groups. There is a small view of the ocean from the balcony, but really, it’s their Southern Mediterranean food that is fantastic, and decor is equally on point. Natural wood, clay pots, woven baskets, copper accents, and handmade pottery. I leaving feeling so inspired with new decorating tips for my apartment and future dream home. I like the whipped eggplant, breakfast pizza, and green eggs.

Simple tips: Their cocktails are fancy (aka pricey), but a must-try. I’m talking it might be the-best-drink-you’ve-ever-had type of drink. Each cocktail is carefully handcrafted with a thoughtful garnish.

The Butcher’s Daughter, Venice, CA

The Butcher’s Daughter, Venice, CA

4. The Butcher’s Daughter

I had to sneak Venice onto my list to celebrate this plant-based beachy, bohemian juice bar and cafe on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They don’t take reservations for small parties, so come a little early and enjoy a juice or coffee while you wait for a table. This place has an open and airy energy with natural wood accents, hanging plants, industrial copper lighting, and exposed white bricks.

Simple Tips: Their Margarita pizza is my go-to, and they’re known for having the best avocado toast. Their iced chai with almond milk is fantastic!

Urth Caffé, Santa Monica, CA

Urth Caffé, Santa Monica, CA

5. Urth Caffè

An organic coffee and tea house with delicious fresh pastries and a full breakfast menu. This place is always busy with a magnetic energy and a friendly staff. It’s self-seating so it’s best to come with a group of up to 4 since you have to watch for open tables like a hawk. I love their coffee and iced teas with boba, and always order their homemade seasonal soups or oatmeal with berries.

Simple Tips: Almost everything comes with their toasted French bread and butter, and it’s like an added bonus. Delicious!

(This post is part of the Friday Favorites series where 5 favorite things, people or places are shared to enrich your life and inspire your week.)

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