I Asked My Friends to Share Their Morning Routine


Recently, I read an article on Gisele Bündchen's glorious morning routine filled with coconut oil pulling, meditation, working out and lemon water sipping before she even starts her day. Yes, this all sounds dreamy, but I couldn’t quite relate. So I asked my friends to share their morning routines and uncovered new ways to enjoy the essence of each morning.

As someone who is certainly not a morning person, I’ve rarely had a morning routine that was actually impactful. For starters, it’s always a struggle to wake up without multiple alarms. I skip breakfast then end up at the Starbucks drive-thru, as anticlimactic as that sounds. Meanwhile, my willingness to explore the latest holistic trends has led me to try everything on Gisele’s list, then lose interest after a few days.

With some input from my friends, I’m learning that it’s not always about the action behind the routine, but the intention itself. A mindful morning focuses on uncovering our own purpose. The difference is found within drinking a cup of coffee because it warms us up, rather than drinking it because we need caffeine.


1. I make a morning smoothie.

I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and starting my day off right is so important. Typically I wake up a bit queazy so getting something in my tummy is a must! Before I was pregnant I’d call myself an intermittent faster - but this babe told mama no! Ha! I’m a researcher and discovered how eating prunes everyday in your third trimester leads to a faster delivery. But god do I hate prunes. Now I started making breakfast smoothies to get some food in my belly while still making healthy choices to kick-start my morning! Check out @bewellbykelly for #fab4smoothie inspirations!

- Michelle, 28, Seattle, WA, @meesh_harris


Morning Smoothie Ingredients: 


Almond or coconut milk

Chi seeds

2-3 prunes 

Almond butter

(Depending on the hour and my level of activity, I’ll add protein powder)



2. My day starts with a warm cup of coffee.

I usually start my day with.... coffee! During the week, I'm up at 5:30 AM every day since I have a long commute. Our apartment is usually really cold in the mornings, so I love making myself a cup of coffee to warm myself up while I get ready. I usually sip on it while I wash my face and do my hair/make up. It was a game-changer for me when I decided to upgrade from your standard "Mr. Coffee" maker to an espresso machine! I still use standard coffee grounds with a dash of cream and sugar. With the espresso machine, I swear it makes such a difference! I know I've saved myself so many Starbucks runs because I really enjoy what I make at home!

- Megan, 27, San Francisco, CA, @megancaroline29


3. I start my morning with a phone call, yoga, and my plants.

I wake up to a 6am phone call from my boyfriend who agreed to call me even though it’s 3am his time. We are long distance because grad school took me across the country. He is the early morning rhythm that grounds me. My day is filled with research, classes, reading papers, talks, and studying; but my mornings are mine.

Having recently moved, my routine is ever changing. So far, I have a phone call, yoga, and my plants. A morning with yoga prepares me to live with intention, watering my plants roots me in responsibility, and my partner brings me back to reality. My wakefulness begins here, practicing gratitude, attempting simplicity, and receiving selfless acts of love.

- Montana, 27, Burlington, Vermont, @missmontanakay


4. Let’s pray I make it to the gym.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a morning person. I wish I could say I wake up dewy faced and ready to embrace the day, but that’s just not my style. On the days that I deprive myself of those delicious 20 minutes of extra sleep, I roll out of bed after my three blaring alarms (5:45, 6:00, and 6:15). I change into my gym clothes, brush my teeth, and head out the door, praying I didn't forget to pack a bra, socks, or pair of underwear in my gym bag.

When I finally make it to the gym, I commit myself to a “grueling” 30-45 minute workout. It’s just enough for me to justify my lax eating habits over the course of the day. During this workout, I also force myself to drink the full 32 ounces of my Nalgene bottle. It’s nowhere near the alleged gallon of water a day that Beyoncé drinks, but it’s a start!

- Kristin, 26, Los Angeles, CA, @kristin.lai

Thank you to my sweet friends for sharing their morning routines and adding value to our daily practices!

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