Start a Purposeful To-Do List

There are so many things I’ve been wanting to do lately. Then I think about how this year is already coming to an end and my long list of inspiration is just sitting there, patiently waiting for some attention. Sometimes we want to do so much that we end up doing nothing. So what’s stopping us from doing more of the things we love? The solution can be found in something as simple as starting a purposeful to-do list.

Within our busy lives, we work all day and get pulled in all different types of directions. Then, we get home to even more tasks like laundry, dinner, exercising, cleaning, etc. When our list of responsibilities start to feel endless, there isn’t always time left over to do the things we love. So I’m wondering, how might our lives look different if we gave our attention to our personal value systems? By starting a purposeful to-do list, you might uncover some new mindful rituals that can improve the quality of your entire week.

Here is how to start your purposeful to-do list:

Step 1: Identify the things that bring you joy. Think about the things that you truly love doing. Maybe it’s relaxing with a cup of coffee, reading a new book, or hiking with close friends. Activities that make us feel good can improve the quality of our daily outlooks and recharge our energy.

Step 2: Visualize the feeling behind each action. Think about how enjoy each joyous activity makes you feel. Does a warm cup of coffee make you feel cozy and connected to your space? Does a visit to your local farmer’s market make you feel a sense of community? This will help you uncover your personal value system when you focus on how each action makes you feel.

Step 3: Keep a list of 5 intentional practices each week. Write down 5 practices that you would like to incorporate into your lifestyle. Unlike our usual to-do lists, there is no obligation to be excessively productive when we focus on the purpose behind our actions. The intention is entirely yours, and you can move through your purposeful to-do list at your own pace.

So join me in starting a purposeful to-do list filled with the things that bring us more joy. Here you will find my own personal to-do list for some extra ideas and an added dose of inspiration for your week.

My Purposeful To-Do List:

(Source: Bev Cooks)

(Source: Bev Cooks)

1. Make coffee at home.

As a part of my newfound morning routine, I’m starting to brew coffee at home with my Chemex as part of a daily ritual. Simple living celebrates slow moments filled with warmth and intention, and a nice cup of coffee makes me feel relaxed and more present.

2. Have breakfast.

I’ve been making a point to see breakfast as a morning ritual that fills my day with purpose. Instead of just skipping breakfast like I usually do, here is an opportunity to prepare something nice for yourself with fresh berries, toast, and coffee.

(Source:  Literless )

(Source: Literless)

3. Find a bulk grocery store.

Inspired by my Norwegian grandma’s sustainable practices, I’m making a point to generate less waste as a minimalist household. I’m starting with bringing my own jars to a local grocery store to stalk up on package free dry goods. (You’ll find simple zero waste tips at Literless).

(Source: Dans Le Sac)

(Source: Dans Le Sac)

4. Visit a local farmer’s market.

There’s something about a quiet Sunday morning starting at the local farmer’s market. I’m lucky enough to live close to the Sunday Main Street Market in Santa Monica where I buy fresh flowers and produce for the week. It makes me feel connected to my community when I can support local farmers.

(Source:  Traveling Oven )

(Source: Traveling Oven)

5. Try a new recipe.

I'll be honest that while I own several cookbooks, most of the recipes haven’t gotten enough of my attention. I’m planning to open some of my cookbooks to find a cozy recipe that will last for the whole week, like blueberry muffins or homemade granola energy bars. (You’ll find wellness tips and healthy recipes at With Love From Kat).

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Local Spotlight:


Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee is a local coffee company founded by Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz. Their organic coffee beans are roasted in California. They believe in the ritual of coffee bringing us together and adding warmth into our daily practices. Canyon Coffee can be found at local shops around LA.


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