Everything You Need to Host a Sustainable Gathering


We’ve all been there. Getting ready for a party and filling our shopping carts with plastic cups, paper plates, and utensils, when everything we need might be at home in our own kitchen cabinet. Luckily, there are some simple ways to host a perfect gathering and generate less waste. Here is everything you need to host a sustainable gathering.

For starters, consider using your own dinnerware, like your actual dish set, silverware, and glasses for a party. Inspired by the minimalist concept of valuing each item you own, it can be an enjoyable experience to use what you already have. Yes, you will have to wash everything, but it’s cost effective and environmentally friendly to use your own things when hosting a gathering.


Having a collection of jars comes in handy when you’re having people over. Especially with glasses, I’ll pull everything from my own kitchen cabinet rather than buying plastic disposable cups. Sometimes I will intentionally buy a condiment in a glass jar because I’ll be able to repurpose it after removing the label. Of course, I wouldn’t use my finest china during a super bowl party. But when you buy things that are simple and good quality, they can be enjoyed regularly and used freely.

If you have more guests than you have glasses or dishes, you might consider buying some sustainable options that will last long-term. Try a pack of mason jars instead of plastic cups. Or invest in a set of plain, inexpensive dishes in place of paper plates. That way, you can reuse them for multiple occasions and even utilize the jars for storing party leftovers.


Cloth napkins are an aesthetic way to limit the amount of landfill waste. Even if they’re un-matching, they will add character to your party. Linen might sound like more work when you think about ironing and folding. But honestly, I usually skip the ironing. And I actually enjoy a nicely folded stack of linens like they’re a work of art (maybe I’m just weird?).

This simple shift towards a sustainable mindset might inspire even more ways to entertain with less waste. Rather than loading up on disposable plastic things that will only be used once, consider the number of times you can use something. It might make more sense to buy sustainable items that are sure to last for years.

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