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I started my blog shortly after moving into my studio apartment in June 2018. My best friend came over after I moved in, and of course, we ate pizza on my bed, listening to music and flipping through coffee table books (because that’s what you do). But while I was telling her all of my ideas for articles, she said, “Well, why don’t you just show people where you got all your cute stuff for your apartment?” So 6 months later… here are my long overdue favorite home decor pieces for a simple living kitchen.

Living in a tiny studio, I’ve realized how important it is to choose quality over quantity when it comes to home decor. Since my apartment is so tiny, almost everything is displayed openly. With very little storage space, my kitchen cabinets are dedicated to food, spices, glasses, jars, and things that I wouldn’t keep out in the open. Everything else has a functional purpose and gets used regularly, so nothing just sits around to collect dust.

As an inspiring minimalist, I’m conscious of keeping my home as zero-waste and plastic-free as possible. I really enjoy having a few nice things that I wholeheartedly love, rather than a bunch of stuff that holds little meaning. When you walk around my kitchen, my counters and open shelving display coffee table books, cutting boards, serving platters, vases, and plants. Everything is neutral and has a story behind it, so each piece has a long lifespan and timeless qualities.

1.Terra Cotta Pitcher from McGee&Home.

2. Juliska Macrame Placemats from Bloomingdales.

3. Kurry Utensil Holder from Exir Home.

5. White Marble Spoon Rest from McGee&Co.

6. Abbot Stripe Hand Towel from McGee&Co.

7. Organic Natural Serving Board from Exir Home.

8. Italian Water Glasses from World Market.

9. Succulents.

10. Chemex.

11.Marble Cheese Knives from Pottery Barn.

12. Original Fig Hand Soap by Murchison-Hume.

13. Malta Woven Wool Rug from McGee&Co.

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