Get the Look: Simple Living Kitchen


When we fill our homes with quality things that we love wholeheartedly, we connect more deeply with our space. As you walk around my home, I want you to feel at ease knowing that you can touch things and feel their unique textures, pick up a coffee cup and find out where it was made, and dry your hands with a handwoven towel. There’s a unique way to bring the simple living look in your own home by choosing pieces that reflect intention and purpose.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in a small space, it’s how important it has been to decorate with intention. With little storage room, almost everything is displayed openly. Since I only have room for essentials, choosing quality over quantity means having just the right amount. I love the feeling of functionality when everything has a purpose and each item has a story behind it. Here are some of my favorite pieces that reflect neutral qualities and timeless purpose.

1.Terra Cotta Pitcher from McGee&Home.

2. Juliska Macrame Placemats from Bloomingdales.

3. Kurry Utensil Holder from Exir Home.

5. White Marble Spoon Rest from McGee&Co.

6. Abbot Stripe Hand Towel from McGee&Co.

7. Organic Natural Serving Board from Exir Home.

8. Italian Water Glasses from World Market.

9. Succulents.

10. Chemex.

11.Marble Cheese Knives from Pottery Barn.

12. Original Fig Hand Soap by Murchison-Hume.

13. Malta Woven Wool Rug from McGee&Co.

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