DIY Minimalist Halloween Decorations


There is nothing better than some simple homemade Halloween ideas that can be thrown together at the last minute. Minimal holiday decorations are a sustainable way to feel festive without having to store a huge box of decorations throughout the year. Living in a tiny studio apartment, I’ve found that you can make the biggest difference with the smallest touches.

This year, I’ve been conscious of only bringing things into my home that are intentional and purposeful. I love being able to create a feeling of nostalgia at the same time. Minimalist-inspired living comes with handmade decorations, simple details, and sustainable methods for using less plastic. With our love for the environment in mind, minimal decorations might be the way to go for all of the upcoming holidays.


1. Handmade cupcake toppers.

Anytime you can make something by hand, it adds a personal element to your home’s aesthetic. To make these simple ghost toppers, I used tissues and bamboo skewers tied with twine. They were so cute and easy to make! And even though I wanted to bake cupcakes from scratch, let’s be real… my kitchen is pretty tiny for baking. Picking up cupcakes or cake from a local bakery can be just as good.


2. Decorate with festive desserts.

One of the most simple ways to decorate for a season is using food, especially desserts. Try baking or buying pumpkin cookies, muffins, or anything festive for that holiday, then display them openly on your kitchen counter in a glass tray. I bought these frosted sugar cookies from Trader Joe’s, and they are adorable.


3. Use seasonal vegetables as centerpieces.

Especially for fall, I love decorating with seasonal vegetables to bring a natural element into your home. It’s a simple and sustainable alternative to the standard Halloween decorations that will sit in a box for the rest of the year. I picked up acorn squash, delicata squash, and white pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. You can use them as simple center pieces and add them to seasonal recipes like soups.


4. Hang a witch’s broom.

There’s something about a minimalist wall hanging that adds just the right amount of character to a space. I like the natural feel that this witch’s broom brings. I found the cinnamon twigs at the grocery store, tied it with twine and added a dried eucalyptus branch. Something so simple can instantly make a room feel peaceful.


5. Make paper bat garlands.

This one took me right back to my childhood, and I’m always embracing feelings of nostalgia around the holidays. Making a paper garland is a handmade element that can be easily stored and used every year. I cut bats out of heavy construction paper and taped them to my corner windows. You can see them when you walk by and it adds some Halloween character to my apartment building.

You can find “My Mini Fall Home Tour” here with some simple ideas for decorating with thoughtful and festive details.

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