7 Ways to Shop Local for Home Decor

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

There is something so memorable about walking into a thoughtfully decorated local shop in your neighborhood. It’s almost like walking into someone’s dream, and if you share that same dream… You are in heaven. Shopping local celebrates community. Finding unique items and connecting with local artists and shop owners add value to our lives. Here are 7 ways to shop local for home decor.


1. Visualize your style.

Before you shop for home decor, figure out your own personal style. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram accounts to find your favorite looks. Maybe it’s French farmhouse, modern bohemian or mid-century modern. This will help you find local stores that offer this type of design. (You’ll find my favorite home decor shops here).

2. Decide what you need.

Maybe it’s a room you’ve been wanting to redecorate or maybe you just need some new textiles to freshen up your space. If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll know where to put your focus in the store. I go to local shops all the time just to browse and find new inspiration, so you don’t always need a specific reason!

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

3. Explore local shops in your neighborhood.

You’ll uncover a deeper connection with your things when you shop local. Knowing where our things come from adds values into our homes. There is magic to uncover in a thoughtfully curated local store. Getting to meet creative owners who are kind and passionate, like Corinne at The Hängar, just makes the whole experience.

4. Go in with a plan, but stay open to possibilities.

It’s funny how we usually uncover the best finds when it’s least expected. You might be shopping for something specific, but fall in love with something entirely different. When you uncover hidden gems at a local store, think about the value it will bring to your space. Then go with your gut!

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

5. Bring a photo with you.

Bring a photo of your own space as a helpful reference while you look around a local store. Especially if you’re not sure about the size or want to make sure the color will match, a photo will come in handy. Also consider bringing an inspiration photo. A sales person can help you find something similar in the store.

6. Walk the whole store first.

My secret to great finds at a local home decor shop is to walk the entire store first. That way, you can get a feel for the space as a whole then return to individual items that caught your eye. I like to touch things, feel the textures, hold them up and visualize how they’ll look in my home. Take your time, and enjoy the experience!

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

7. Ask questions and start a conversation.

You’ll be surprised how knowledgable the sales teams are at local stores. They often know the history of each piece, have met the designers or have a personal connection with their unique sources. That’s part of the magic in shopping local that you won’t always get at commercial chains when things are mass produced.

Bonus Tip: Share your finds!

Local shops always appreciate it when you spread the word and share your great finds on social media. Remember to tell your family and friends where they can find unique pieces for their homes.

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

The Hängar LA, Mar Vista, CA

Special thanks to my friends at The Hängar who are generously offering you 10% off this month! Just say “basedonbeige” in the store. How rad is that!?

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Local Spotlight:

The Hängar

At The Hängar, you will find something for every space. From reclaimed wood, metal, stone, fabric or leather, this local home decor shop is filled with unique pieces at affordable prices.

2408 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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