5 Ways to Decorate with Eucalyptus this Fall


One of the easiest ways to transition your home into the holiday seasons is decorating with fresh greenery. Being greeted by soothing eucalyptus when you walk in the door can instantly put you in a good mood. A minimalist home incorporates elements from the earth, and fresh eucalyptus will instantly brighten up your space. Here are 5 ways to decorate with eucalyptus for a minimalist-inspired home.

You will typically find 3 types of eucalyptus: silver dollar (round leaves), seeded (small seeds along the stalk) and true blue (a more traditional, stiffer variety). Especially around the holidays, I like to grab a bunch of silver dollar eucalyptus for adding to vases around my house.

Eucalyptus is also great for making center pieces during holiday gatherings. The seeded eucalyptus are perfect for holiday wreaths and adding to a seasonal flower arrangement. Then the true blue eucalyptus is nice for tying around cloth napkins at a dinner party or placing in small jars around the house.

The best part is that eucalyptus will last for weeks! These leaves look just as beautiful when they start to dry. Eucalyptus brings a special element of thoughtfulness that might inspire you to take some extra time for yourself. For me, fresh greenery is a little reminder to slow down, light a candle, and make a cup of tea at home to end the day.


1. Hang a small bunch of eucalyptus in your shower.

As a special part of your self-care routine, hang a bunch of eucalyptus from your shower head for a soothing, warm shower. It’s always nice to create a spa-like experience with something so simple as adding an aromatherapy into your shower. Tie a small bunch together with twine and hang it upside down from your shower head.


2. Tie eucalyptus to cloth napkins for your next dinner party.

When you’re shopping for a dinner party at your local grocery store, make sure to throw a bunch of eucalyptus into your cart. Eucalyptus leaves tied to cloth napkins adds a minimalist element to a winter tablescape. You’ll feel especially good about only spending $3 from Trader Joe’s. You’ll find my simple tips for hosting a dinner party here.

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3. Add earthy elements to your home by placing eucalyptus in small jars.

Create some atmosphere around your home by small jars of eucalyptus in different rooms. The nice thing about eucalyptus is it looks just as good in a small amounts. I like to trim a few branches and add them to Italian water glasses throughout my studio apartment. You’ll often find it placed on my bathroom sink and kitchen counter for some added dimension.

4. Make a holiday flower arrangement by adding fresh eucalyptus leaves.

Eucalyptus is the perfect compliment to a winter flower arrangement around the holidays. Next time you’re hosting a gathering, add a few eucalyptus leaves to an all white flower arrangement. This simple detail will brighten up your space and give you all the festive feels around the holidays. Check out With Love From Kat for some ideas on your next holiday cocktail party.


5. Place eucalyptus leaves around the table as a festive centerpiece.

Placing individual eucalyptus stems in the middle of your table makes a festive centerpiece for a special occasion. Especially if you’re having a dinner party, adding a few leaves on top of a white tablecloth with some long stem candles looks both elegant and cozy. Eucalyptus is also nice as garland around an appetizer table. You’ll find my ideas for a festive tablescape here.

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