5 Songs You Need for a Cool Girl Playlist

(Source: isabellath)

(Source: isabellath)

Recently, I was working on a project for a local business. While putting together ideas on brand image, I asked the question, “What is the theme song of your business?” It’s not something that’s usually asked of brands, so it took a few minutes to answer. As Millennials, we love following brands that are authentic in having a greater purpose. Hearing great music at your favorite local boutique enhances the whole atmosphere. Here are the 5 songs you need for a cool girl playlist.

While some might think of music as an escape, I believe in music’s ability to deeply connect us to the present moment. Music makes us feel something. It can speak for us, inspire deep reflections, and lead us through nostalgic memories. These concepts are so important in creating an authentic look and feel behind a brand’s image. When a company uses music to represent its values, our experience deepens. Naturally, we enjoy the personalized experience behind supporting local businesses. Those thoughtful details are always appreciated.

This question got me thinking about taking this reflection one step deeper. What would you choose as the theme song for your own life? When you think about the perfect theme song that represents your own lifestyle, what does that song reveal about you? Once you identify those qualities, you’ll be able to determine if you’re living in line with your own core values.

For me, I like music that sounds original with a raw quality and truthful words. You usually won’t find these songs on the radio because they’re just not made for the masses. Cool girl music is thoughtful and purposeful, like hidden gems that are worth some extra effort to uncover. Sometimes songs like these just need to be played on repeat all day. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

1. “Age of Consent (New Order)” - Cayetana

2. “Future Me Hates Me” - The Beths

3. “Lala Song“ - Lala Lala

4. “Main Bitch” - Weakend Friends

5. “Edge of Town” - Middle Kids

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