Handmade Minimalist Christmas Ornaments


Growing up with grandparents from Norway, we did things a little differently around the holidays. Christmas time was filled with holiday cheer in a very sustainable way. Scandinavian traditions focus on simplicity, coziness, and handmade decorating that celebrates sentimental value. Here are 5 handmade minimalist Christmas ornaments that you can make at home for an extra cozy holiday season.

1. Merry clay shaped ornaments.

Clay ornaments are a simple way to bring an original element to your Christmas tree. Using air-dry or oven-bake clay, you can create unique shapes with thoughtful messages. They also make perfect holiday gifts. (Trust me, you will clear your schedule for the DIY holiday ideas from The Merry Thought.)

2. A wooden bead garland.

This simple DIY holiday garland is made out of 1” wooden beads from a craft store strung together with twine. For a minimalist Christmas tree, less is more. A neutral color scheme will do the trick. This handmade garland goes perfectly with a few simple ornaments, and you’ll have a tree that’s unlike any other.

(Source:  Tidbits )

(Source: Tidbits)

3. Glass ornaments filled with fresh greenery.

Filling glass ornaments with fresh greenery is a mindful way to limit the amount of plastic in your home. You can even fill them with Epsom salt to create a snow effect. Just be extra careful with these delicate ornaments since the glass is often very thin.

(Source: Antique Passion)

(Source: Antique Passion)

4. Antique bells strung with twine.

Bringing something unique and vintage to your Christmas tree is a sentimental way to fill your holidays with meaning. Minimalist practices encourage us to feel value towards each thing that we own. This garland strung with antique bells is a special way to create something that will last forever.

5. Hanging dried orange slices.

Hanging dried orange slices is a thoughtful idea for sustainable ornaments. They also make a festive holiday garland when strung together. I love a minimalist DIY project with simple directions. (Visit Reading My Tea Leaves for minimalist ideas that will inspire a zero-waste holiday).

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