Interior Decorating for Your Personality


Imagine the feeling of walking into your bedroom after you just spent hours cleaning it. Your bed is perfectly made, the rug is straightened, your hamper is empty, and you admire every dusted surface. You can finally take a breath of fresh air and just relax knowing that everything is in its place. I want you to feel like this about your home every time you walk through the front door.

Your home is where you spend the majority of your life (especially for some of us who can sleep for 10-12 hours…not me, just people). I believe your space should be celebrated as your own personal sanctuary.

When I’m doing interior design consulting (and yes, my degree in Pinterest has deemed me an expert in the field), I always stress that the attention is in the details that exemplify your own unique personality. Picking accent pieces that represent your interests and values will invite stories and character to make your home feel like you.

Especially as an introvert, I love the feeling of just staying home and enjoying my own space. I know how important it is to feel comfortable and connected with your home to create a balance of harmony.


At 15, I was still living with pink striped wallpaper in my childhood bedroom that I picked out when I was 5. Luckily, we never put the ballerina border up or I would have been stuck with that too. I blame this on my mom, a “Visionary” type. She’s interested in strategies, systems, big picture ideas. Not as concerned with the execution of practical tasks.

For years, I cringed every time I walked into my own room and saw the wallpaper from 1997. When I got to paint the walls yellow in high school - total game changer. My room finally felt like me. I could actually breathe, relax and feel excited to invite friends over.

When my friends need decor tips, the first thing I ask is, “What do you want your space to say about you?” Focusing on your values and personality can help identify elements that will set the foundation for creating your space.


Choosing neutrals will act as a clean canvas for incorporating colorful textiles and accents when you’re picking out new pieces. I’ve found that avoiding trends and seasonal colors will give your space a longer lifespan with room for expressing creativity in the details. When picking a color palette, I go with white, beige and grays for that reason.

I’ve seen how the mentality behind decorating is often centered around what’s practical, most affordable, and easiest. While this is perfectly understandable, I advise against getting everything at one place, like an Ikea haul. Even though it may feel less daunting, you’ll be left with a place that doesn’t say much about you.


Especially if you’re more of an “idea person”, you might not be interested in the execution of interior decorating. You may even be highly creative but might find it overwhelming and unremarkable to have to pair furniture together in your head. Once it’s time to bring your vision to life by actually picking things out, you’re already mentally exhausted.

Trust me, I get that decorating all at once can feel overwhelming, so that’s why choosing a manageable pace is crucial. When you create a space that you love, the extra attention to detail will be well worth your time and effort.

You can always build slowly when you style a room. I’m not saying you need to spend a ton of money or get rid of all your stuff. Once you set the foundation, adding accents can be a continual process that happens on your own timeline.

Generally, I’ve found that big items can stay, especially when there’s history or sentimental value. Take the wooden dresser passed down from your grandma that you never really liked. Clear off any clutter, knickknacks, picture frames, and beauty products. Remove anything that doesn’t really go together or need to be openly displayed.

There’s always the option to paint old furniture, but I’ll first try to switch out the hardware and keep the natural finish. Now bring in some things you like - maybe a plant, round mirror, coffee table books, and a lamp for atmosphere. Suddenly, you have a new favorite corner of your bedroom.


I’ll use myself as an example, just so you get the full idea of what it means to decorate for your personality type. I’m an “Intuitive Introvert,” an idealist who values authenticity and harmony. I gravitate towards handmade items. I like to know the story behind how things were made and even appreciate little defects if something was created by hand.

I’ve decorated my studio to have this open and airy quality that is intended to make you feel comfortable enough to take your shoes off, dive onto the bed, and get lost in conversation. Or we can sit around my kitchen table with no idea what time it is, drinking tea and eating scones. (I’ve never actually done that but it’s in my vision).

BD914A0F-3040-4C22-9623-5B30B10D4D56 2.jpg

In my studio, the bright windows and white walls were a neutral canvas for adding black and white beach prints, indigo accent pillows, and a soft gray cashmere throw. Then there are plants, succulents, and fresh flowers to bring in a calming effect while still making my place feel alive and vibrant.

To add balance, I’ve incorporated industrial pieces like a metal bar cart and an oversized Edison light bulb to blend masculine and feminine elements. It’s important to me that the room feels accepting and celebrates individuality, like you can be yourself here.


Next time you walk into your home, try asking yourself, “What do I want my space to say about me?” This will be your first clue into how you can decorate your place to feel like it’s an extension of you.

(Special thanks for photography by The LA Introvert)

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