Small Thoughts on Minimalist Apartment Decor

Lately I’ve been working on finishing things. When I started simplifying some areas of my life and incorporating more minimalist values, I noticed that I had way too much stuff. One of the problems was controlling my impulses to buy new things without finishing what I already have. It’s how you end up with 10 bottles of half full lotions, a bunch of candles with a few hours of burn life left, and a ton of beauty products that all do the same thing. You get the picture, right?

I’ve found that there is satisfaction and contentment to uncover when our values are not focused around possessions. When our self worth is not measured by material items nor driven by excessive productivity, we can extend our appreciation towards life’s simple moments and enjoy what we already have.

Hopefully you might have never guessed, but I often struggle with the practical elements of everyday life. When something captures my imagination and speaks to my beliefs, I go all in - fully dedicating my time, energy and emotions to a project. I’m good with aesthetics, known to be open-minded and flexible, and love coming up with creative ideas and solutions for big picture problems.

But then there are the everyday tasks. I can never remember my reusable bags at the grocery store, I usually don’t get to half of the things on my to-do list, and I’m perpetually running 10 minutes late. These sound like minor inconveniences on their own, but the list goes on and on - just not as long as the list of unread emails in my inbox.

I always feel like, ‘I’m going to get to that,’ but then I find myself lost in everyday moments that capture my full attention. While I’ve been working on simplifying, I’ve been able to find more balance between my strengths and weaknesses.

Part of this process means bringing in more intention and gratitude while no longer being so hard on myself about not getting more things done. When I remember to appreciate what I already have in my life, I realize how my most memorable times are not measured by material things, but focused on people, relationships, memories and experiences.

Through mindful practices of identifying meaning in each moment and putting my attention on where I can feel appreciation, I’m focusing on the present without feeling the need for excess all the time. Now that I have started to see things as just things, I can identify the root of sentimental value being attached to the experience, not just the object itself.

This shift has become my mindset for furnishing my studio apartment with minimalist components. For me, minimalism creates a feeling of openness for new possibilities by incorporating a deep connection and appreciation towards each item I own.

One of my favorite ways to change the feel of a space is repurposing. When I buy things for my home, I keep in mind their lifespan. I’m conscious of investing in pieces that are going to last and withstand decades of style changes. I learned this the hard way when I furnished my college apartment with textiles from Ikea that broke within a few months, or when I bought a set of bright teal dishes from Anthropologie (a color that was trendy in 2011).

When I bring things home that are made with quality or have a unique origin, they tend to last longer (and I also take better care of them).

Anytime I can reuse things like candle tins, jars, and repurpose glass containers, it adds a hint of character and inspires less waste. Oh and hey, studio living means you don’t have to worry about leaving a candle unattended.

I have found that once you have less, you can do more. This sentiment is apparent within so many aspects of my life lately. Narrowing my focus on the things that are most important to me has led me down a path of finding fulfillment in new places.

There are always little things to enjoy. Making dinner at home, having friends over for wine, reading a book on my patio, rearranging my favorite pieces. There’s a feeling of openness that emerges when you can enjoy the essence of your space.

Next week I’ll take you inside my studio and welcome you to enjoy simple living with me. For now, here is a quick glimpse into my 350 sq. ft.

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