A Minimalist Approach to a Fall Wardrobe

It was one of those days. ‘Well I probably shouldn’t have worn this out in public,’ I thought to myself as I walked into Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood. Coming from an early appointment, I didn’t plan on seeing anyone other than my doctor, which was outweighed by needing coffee. I was wearing a Hanes sweatshirt, yoga pants, reading glasses and no makeup. Walking into the coffee shop, the first face I saw was my absolute favorite lifestyle blogger.

I’ve been following this blogger religiously for 5 years, and seeing her felt like running into my best friend. I had to stop myself from saying hi, extending my arms out for a big embrace, then asking how her puppy is doing. ‘You don’t actually know her,’ I reminded myself, ‘And you’re covered in cat hair.’

This blogger was absolutely stunning in person. Her long wavy hair was flawless, and her outfit was perfectly styled with jeans, a blazer, heels, and a designer handbag. While she posed in front of the pastry display case holding her coffee cup, I quickly got my almond latte to-go and made an anticlimactic exit.

When I got home, I thought about my own personal style. In my ideal life, I would be wearing something amazing to get coffee everyday. But in reality, I’m still completely cool with running all of my errands in workout clothes. At the same time, I want to feel good about myself and comfortable with my appearance. So where do we find this type of balance?

Before I figured out how to style a minimalist wardrobe, I had to first look within to identify who I really am, what I truly value, and how I enjoy spending my time. Then I started to align my wardrobe with my own interests.

Once I realized that I feel more comfortable in laid-back, casual settings, I started finding more substance in my life. For me, when you can have a real conversation and hear your own thoughts, intimate gatherings become more appealing. Now I prefer a quiet coffee shop or local wine bar, rather than a loud restaurant or over-hyped rooftop bar in LA.

Then I thought about how I pictured myself dressing in the places where I would like to spend more of my time. It turns out, it doesn’t really matter how you’d dress. Jeans and a t-shirt would look completely appropriate. This laid-back type of fashion correlates with my core values that are rooted in acceptance, authenticity, and individualism.

My favorite fall pieces are either neutral or black so they can be worn with many different outfits and still look unique. My closet has black lace tank tops, chunky beige sweaters, dark jeans, leather and army jackets. For shoes, I either wear slip-on sneakers, combat boots, or black booties. That’s really it.

Once you have a foundation, you can add accessories like belts, purses, scarves, and different hairstyles to make each outfit stand out. Minimizing your wardrobe takes the pressure off getting ready and uncovers more energy to put towards the rest of the day.

When I’m being true to myself and not feeling pressure to fit in with a crowd, I feel more comfortable and confident. I want others to feel the same. In my experience, an inner light is the most attractive thing someone can wear.

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(Note: Images sourced from Pinterest)

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