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Before I started my blog, I did a ton of research on how to become a successful blogger. I watched countless Youtube videos, read several articles, and listened to podcasts where bloggers shared their tips and tricks on how to grow a following. Only post at certain times to get the most likes, stick to one theme, hire SEO experts, use a service to gain followers, etc. etc. Well, I decided not to follow any of those steps, and here’s why:

In the beginning, I felt so overwhelmed by these guidelines that I started to feel like blogging wasn’t for me, and I hadn’t even started! While I understand that there are techniques to maximize viewership, increase engagement, and do all of those things that bloggers are supposed to do, I’ve never felt inclined to follow the crowd.

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of questions along the lines of, “How are you going to monetize?” “How are you going to get more than just 400 followers?” “When are you going to start advertising?” Well, these are all great questions for someone who is an expert on blogger, and I am not.

But then there are the other types of questions where my friends are asking for more minimalist tips and looking for more practical approaches to simplify their lifestyles. And I actually have those kinds of answers!


Feeling inspired to have more fulfilling experiences, shifting our focus away from materialism, and living at a slower pace… Frankly, I would like more of that for all of us. My goal is to create a community that shares a passion for living life more freely with honesty, authenticity, and a quality of simplicity.

So only 400 Instagram followers, you say!? That’s 398 more people than I normally talk to in a day. All the while, I’ve connected with old friends, met new ones, and had some thought-provoking conversations within my inner circle.

For me, creating a sense of community on social media means surrounding ourselves with content that enriches our daily lives. I find it important to highlight accounts that offer positive images and promote realistic reflections of everyday living.

5 Instagram Accounts that I Love Following:

1. Arrows and Bow. Ashley Petrone started by taking us into her life of raising her family of 5 in a renovated RV, living on their plot of land while they built their dream home. She discovered how a small space can invite imagination, new adventures, and creative solutions, all while bringing her family closer together. Now they moved to Northern California and we get to see her making her new house into a home, thoughtfully remodeling each detail, and homeschooling her daughter from their kitchen table. Ashley has this way of making everyday life feel exciting and fun, having dance parties with her adorable kids and sharing stories about her marriage with her heartthrob husband, Dino.

2. The Foxalow. Cyd Morris, the co-founder of Stone Cold Fox clothing line, shares the entire process of renovating her dreamy 1920’s bungalow in Venice, CA. Every single moment is completely captivating. Just like how her clothing line is rooted in elegant simplicity, Cydney brings home eclectic vintage pieces like they are treasures. She pairs subtle textures together in unlikely ways (like a weathered nightstand with galvanized iron accents, mason jars, and fresh flowers) that take on an entirely new life form as a backyard tequila bar. Best of all, she shares the inspiration behind designing new spaces complete with before & after’s. Then she invites friends over to enjoy dinner parties on her patio, and it makes you wish you were there. Her visions are intimate, her space is beautiful, and she has a unique way of celebrating everyday moments like they are magical.

3. Layers and Layers of Paint. I could spend an entire day getting lost on Tiina’s page and feel like it was completely productive. But it’s not just because of her eclectic, mid-century modern apartment in Brooklyn, NY, shared with her low-key, cool husband Danny and sweet cat with a perpetual runny nose. But guys, hold the phone and clear your schedule. Her captions. Tiina has me laughing so damn hard, every damn post. See for yourself when I say the longer, the better. “Lately one question has been plaguing me. Why am I doing this? And by this I mean literally THIS. Why am I making breakfast and taking an extra five minutes to style a preparation shot where I have to flip over EVERY SINGLE EGG because Danny bought the not cute kind of eggs with stamps?” On her blog Layers and Layers of Paint, Tiina shares her refreshingly honest approach to renovating their home with ‘a cheapskate budget and expensive taste’, and I love every minute of it.

4. Beknewell. Rebekah Newell shares my love for the simple moments and appreciation for thoughtful details. Raising her 2 young kids with her husband in their cozy house, she is hands-on with enjoying every ounce of life in their home of Portland, OR. From playing with her kids in their backyard, berry picking, family vacations to the coast, and making wellness blends with essential oils, it’s not everyday that you come across someone as genuine as Rebekah. I love how she shares functional storage solutions, tips for a zero-waste kitchen, and sweet moments with her little ones on her Stories - not that I have kids - but just over here living vicariously, ya know how it goes.

5. Read Tea Leaves. I’ll never forget the day I discovered Erin Boyle’s blog, Reading My Tea Leaves. Okay that’s exaggerated, I don’t remember the actual day, but I learned how to fold napkins, organize a small linen cabinet, and use a portable ironing board, all in one day. This might not sound like much, but as someone who lives in 350 sq. ft, Erin’s tips for life in a tiny apartment have become my actual bible. Author of the book, Simple Matters, Erin brings gratitude into her daily life by appreciating what she already has, rather than focusing on what one has to give up to live in a tiny space. She has a way of capturing the heart of Brooklyn, NY and makes her soulful home into a little piece of heaven.

(This post is part of the Friday Favorites series where 5 favorite things, people or places are shared on Fridays to enrich your life and inspire your week.)

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